About Me

Visual Artist | Creative Director

Reuben Masithela is a Bloemfontein-born creative currently plying his trade designing compelling visual imagery as a free-lancing designer. Alongside graphic design, Reuben is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with the mediums of charcoal, pastels and paint. He is also the creative director of lifestyle magazine, Menage.

At the tender age of 10 years old, he attempted to recreate a sketch his brother made sparking a lifelong passion for the creative arts. Through the solitude of lockdowns in the pandemic, this passion would be rekindled with Reuben starting to sketch again as a means of therapy. The therapeutic potential of this creative process would further galvanise his artistic trajectory, resulting in the hosting of his first solo exhibition in November 2021.

The “Pieces of Me” exhibition offered a hopeful perspective on the isolated aspect of existence further magnified by the pandemic. With vibrant swathes of contemporary colour and form set against the relatable realism of being, Reuben’s art offers solace in solitude. The process of creating offered him comfort, and he hopes the creative outputs of this endeavour allow viewers to find trust in the catharsis of going inward and exploring pieces or yourself.